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The only way you get to “the right place at the right time” is to design a freelance business that supports your work/life balance and your exit strategy goals.

Mastering the business side of freelancing is the secret to more free time, higher profits, and more secure income.

Freelance Business Advocate

Emily Leach

I’ve been called a pioneer in the world of uniquely-talented people who feel empowered to go beyond conventional jobs and create businesses from unique vantage points and perspectives.

It’s hard to believe I now have 30 years freelancing experience. Between web design, business and marketing automation and how to run a successful freelance business (and transition careers in a freelance business) I have a ton of skills to reinvent the way your business gets work done.

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No truer words have ever been said. When it comes to earning more money, doing only the work you love and being in control of your life … being the best in your zone of genius is they key.

Which makes this the most important skill in your arsenal as a freelance business owner. 


~ Steve Martin

Three ways to

To work together

DIY + Mentoring

This is a great way to work when you have more time than financial resources. You do the work (research, online video training, etc) with the support of a mentor that's been there and done that - successfully.

Put my 30 years of freelance business experience to work for you.


Automation solution

Do you have a process in your freelance business that you know could be automated but have no idea how or what tools to use?

I can probaly help, making tech work together and removing the manual process is my happy place. Let's put that to work for you.

Freelance business advisor

Are you creating a platform or community for freelance business owners and need the insight of a seasoned freelancer?

With 30 years of experience in business on top of the years I've spent creating community and events in this industry you can put all of that knowledge to work for you. Let's talk.