Truth be told, I’m still figuring it all out. Throughout my life I’ve viewed the world as an opportunity, whether it be to travel, learn, laugh or serve people around me. My optimistic view of life has taken me down some amazing experiences and, like many, created some extremely painful seasons. They all make up my story, and it goes something like this …

In 1992, I was a single mother and very recent college graduate with the tenacity and spirit of a wild mustang. One Tuesday morning I woke up and decided that working for a huge corporation in an equally gigantic city was not what I wanted for me or my son … so I quit my job. That day. My only plan was to move to a town with a cool name, on Saturday we lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico!

I had a gift for landing on my feet and learning my surroundings quickly. Within a week I had a gig, my introduction to freelancing. I loved it, until it got rocky and made it difficult to support me and my son; I persevered.

Jumping forward through recreating myself multiple times from engineering designer to network admin to search engine optimization/web design I still hadn’t found “my thing”. Believe me, I looked all over the western United States for it!

The end of 2011 the wheels came off of my life. It was time to look inside, find my feet and recover from years of running, playing and working extremely hard and not reinvesting my lessons learned. I had recently left Albuquerque to come back to Texas after twenty years only to immediately lose a fifteen year relationship and let go of everything I let define me. I wasn’t convinced there was anything left.

It took the better part of two years to pull my life back together and see new potential, and another year to find “my thing”. I knew I needed to serve, build something with purpose and love what I’m doing. It was harder than I imagined, there is no magic bullet, only a lot of hard work and tenacity. Something I wasn’t sure even lived in me any more.

In January of 2014 everything started to come alive, the Austin Freelance Gigs group, The Freelance Conference and then the Texas Freelance Association. I literally thought I was on top of the world and unstoppable … I wasn’t. I burned out in about two years, a lesson I had not yet learned. It has taken an addition two years of stumbling, restarting and some serious soul searching to heal.

Now, I know “my thing” … being an advocate Freelance Business Owners.