Meet Emily

I consider myself “genetically unemployable”.

In a previous life, I was blessed to serve the freelance business community through the creation of the largest local-specific freelance business project community in Austin, The Freelance Conference, National Freelance Business Week which occurs the third week of April every year as well as the Freelancers Choice Awards.

Now, it’s time for my next chapter … and the rest of my story 🙂

Now, it’s time for my next chapter … and the rest of my story 🙂

First, I had to figure out if I could get past this immense fear of sailing. Every time that boat heeled over I fell to the floor screaming. I can’t imagine the stories the other students that day are still telling about me, LOL.

With the help of two wonderful sailing instructors, I learned what was being triggered inside me and learned how to sail. Now I can bareboat charter my own boat and skipper with confidence. It’s a wonderful feeling, a feeling I want to help other women achieve in their sailing journey.

After years of sailing, and one long break to recover from a really rough relationship loss I’m back at the helm and love sailing more than ever.

I love sailboats, the wind, and salt water as the boat is cutting through the water. More than anything, my passion is supporting women that want to become better sailors. There is a special kind of magic that happens the moment a woman finds her own confidence to command a sailboat. This work is an honor to be a part of.


I am currently involved in a local Austin 501c3, SailStrong, that introduces sailing to at-risk kids in our area. I’ve seen first-hand what learning can do for a person trying to find their way.


Three ways to

Work together

1-on-1 Sailing

Build your sailing confidence in a safe space.

As women, it can be tougher to feel comfortable reaching outside our comfort zone.  You are not alone!  Whether you are starting out and need to learn the ropes or need to work on specific skills.

Put my 17 years of sailing experience to work for you.

Sailing Retreats

Let the crystal blue water of the Caribbean teach you.

Join an intimate group of fellow female sailors for a week-long sailing adventure in the islands of the BVI's.

Take your sailing skills to the next level, be fully supported in your growth, and build lasting friendships

Build Your Own Trip

Ready to take your own sailing charter?

I'd love to help you design your dream sailing charter trip and find the perfect boat.

Bareboat, partially or fully crewed, let's make it happen. I'll be here every step of the way to make sure you know what to expect and have a fabulous trip.