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Meet Emily

I’ve been called a pioneer in the world of uniquely-talented people who feel empowered to go beyond conventional jobs and create businesses from unique vantage points and perspectives.

I consider myself “genetically unemployable” working as a freelancer since 1992. I’ve been blessed to serve the freelance business community through the creation of the largest local-specific freelance business project community in Austin, The Freelance Conference, National Freelance Business Week that occurs the third week of April every year as well as the Freelancers Choice Awards.

In a joint venture in 2015 with Shelley Delayne, founder of Orange Coworking, Scott True, founder of Dimora Homes and the late Aaron Bramley of Lights, Camera Help to launch a non-profit to support the growth of freelancers across Texas.

When I’m not behind a computer screen you can find me in the garden, somewhere enjoying the water, two-stepping across Texas or riding mountain bike trails throughout Austin.

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Three ways to

Work together

DIY + Mentoring

This is a great way to work when you have more time than financial resources. You do the work (research, online video training, etc) with the support of a mentor that's been there and done that - successfully.

Put my 30 years of freelance business experience to work for you.


Automation solution

Do you have a process in your freelance business that you know could be automated but have no idea how or what tools to use?

I can probaly help, making tech work together and removing the manual process is my happy place. Let's put that to work for you.

Freelance business advisor

Are you creating a platform or community for freelance business owners and need the insight of a seasoned freelancer?

With 30 years of experience in business on top of the years I've spent creating community and events in this industry you can put all of that knowledge to work for you. Let's talk.

Kymberli Speight

Emily, I for one got a lot out of last year’s conference. After hearing Keisha Mabry speak, I took up her challenge to meet 100 people in 100 days. I not only met 100 people, but I wrote each of their stories–with their permission of course–and have written a book that will be published later this year. I have even been invited to be interviewed on BPN radio at the end of this month. Just thought I would give you that feedback. Your hard work is making a difference! 

Candy Phelps

Thank you for all your work in the freelancer community!

Kevin Bakewell

Thanks for your leadership in bringing us, and this event, together!

Are you ready?

Let’s make a difference in your freelance business as well as everyone you connect with. 

Expanding your reach sets you up to succeed without spending hours in networking events. Being an active part in your local freelance community is a pivotal part of your success … designing how your connections flow into your revenue streams is the key.