It’s all for you.

Ready. Set. Go

Start Your 10 Day freelance business growth Challenge


I’ll guide you through a series of actions to get you moving again in your freelance business … one email at a time 🙂

Here’s what we’ll cover

Day 1 - Your Why.

Are you clear on “why” your doing the work your doing? Why you took the plunge into freelance business? The answer to this question guides your every decision moving forward. Without it your designing a life and business aimlessly.

Day 2 - your what.

Now that we know “why” your doing the work you do … are you clear on what work you really want to do? I mean REALLY clear? Most of us aren’t, until we get to our last straw of doing projects and tasks that eat at our soul. Let’s clear this up too.

Day 3 - Your who.

The key to making the first two steps successful is to make sure we’re meeting the right people and building REAL relationships. Move away from transactional connections and your entire business will change for the better. Let’s identify your who’s.

Day 4 - your where.

There’s two sides to this challenge: where you want to be working from and where to find your who’s. Do you want to me a Nomad? Do you want to be a global voice? Understand where your who’s are?

Day 5-10 - Take action.

I’ll touch base with you each day over the next 6 days, because this may be a rough patch. We need to get you meeting people – at least one each day that meet your requirements and have conversations that fuel you … and them.

Ready for this challenge?