Freelance Jumpstart

Dates: August 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, 2018

Time: 10am – 4pm each session

Location: Microsoft Headquarters, Surface Hub Room, Building B, 10900 Stonelake Blvd, Austin, TX 78759

Cost: $300 for all 5 weeks of class, private cohort community access and group coaching.

Simply known as “Jumpstart”, this 5-week course is designed to dive in to the primary areas of business with hands-on programs to get you off the ground quickly. Running a freelance business can be daunting when you don’t know what you don’t know – yet!

The course is ran in cohorts (group of people banded together or treated as a group) to allow every student access to feedback and interaction with an intimate community. Learning alone is no better than working alone, you will get far more results from the time invested with peers.

Every module is taught hands-on, although there is homework, we do the really hard stuff together. Imagine getting to do your work on giant sticky-notes … then getting the opportunity to break through the fear of presenting your business in a safe, no-judgment space. The result is sheer glorious clarity!

The togetherness doesn’t end outside of class. You will have access to a private community with your cohort to continue to ask questions, connect and get feedback. There will be one live check-in session in the group as well each week. There is no going through this alone, we’re in this together!

Agenda Breakdown

Week One

Why. Do you know why you are starting, or running, a freelance business? Where you want to grow? What lifestyle you want to maintain? All of these answers matter, A LOT! They will determine how you structure your business, how you will design a growth strategy and determine your financial goals.

Inventory assessment. We dive in to what skills and resources you are missing in order to run a successful freelance business. Yes, we mark all the stuff you already have down as well. Once this is done, you make a plan for how to close the gap.

What do you do. You will learn that you are SO much more than the broad scope of your title. Knowing your “why” and now learning what your focus is in the industry will bring out the voice of your business. With the voice, you will begin to see your brand and offerings and we can build that out – together.

Week Two

Business Structure. What business structure works best for you? You will learn the difference between the three primary options, LLC / S-Corp / Sole Proprietor, as well as what steps you need to take to make sure you’re protected.

Operating Agreement. The Operating Agreement (OA) is what makes your business a real business. This document outlines how you will do business, how you will handle a possible sale of the business and/or bringing on a partner. We walk through the primary requirements needed for a solid OA and get started on getting your put together.

Contracts. Let’s get you a standard contract in place. All work is done best with a contract in place to identify the boundaries of work, timeline and cost associated with the project. Having a contract simplifies conversations and when to make changes that may increase the fee’s for your work. Protect yourself and simplify your life … use a contract.

Week Three

Accounting Infrastructure. The business doesn’t run without a set of books, and I love a beautiful profit-and-loss statement. We will use an amazing free accounting system to dive in to what you need to know about setting up and keeping your books. Granted, you may walk away with the decision to hire someone, but now you know what they are doing and how to read your #1 report!

Taxes. Take a deep breath, we have to cover taxes. We will talk about Federal and City taxes and figure out your best process for making sure you don’t get hit with a big bill at the end of each year. Looking at these now will go a long way moving forward.

Week Four

What will you charge? Although most freelancers take a look around them to decide how much to charge, and then make their life fit in that bucket of money. There is a better way, a much better way. All you need to bring is how much your personal (no business expenses) monthly goal is, I will walk you step-by-step through how to find YOUR rate.

Invoicing and Getting Paid. Now for the fun part, making sure your Invoices are clear and easy to pay. We will be using the same program for Invoicing as we did for Accounting, keeping everything clean and easy. We will build out your services and descriptions, once we finish identifying your rates (next week) you can come back and update those numbers.

Week Five

Marketing. We will start off with looking at the marketing strategies that have worked best for freelance business owners before you. Once you understand each strategy, we will combine it with your goals from Day 1 and identify what will work for you!

How will you Market? Now we take your list of strategies and create a plan of attack. We will identify which tools you need (set up those accounts) and design your next three months.

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