Emily’s Story

Emily learned through multiple corporate world betrayals that there had to be more to life and a career than continuing to look for fulfillment from a J-O-B.

Emily Leach speaking at TEDxABQ 2010 on being Genetically Unemployable

Emily Leach speaking at TEDxABQ 2010 on being Genetically Unemployable

Each position offered that illusive answer to the dream of being the perfect J-O-B that would take her through to retirement, all the while feeling the confusing inner pull to design her own lifestyle.  Her obstacle … being a single mother.

One day the light came on, she just had to jump and make it happen!  And sure enough eleven years later she is still forging new paths and inspiring people through her actions.  With a grown son off living his dreams, two businesses sold, a successful career in Search Marketing and four TEDx events under her belt there is no longer any doubt Emily can make dreams come true.

Now retired from Search Marketing she has founded Genetically Unemployable™ and gone back to the stage to inspire and teach others how to take the same jump.  Genetically Unemployable is a community dedicated to supporting, educating and inspiring individuals through the maze of moving away from the J-O-B and embracing their calling to be an entrepreneur.

Emily has distilled her lessons learned into five principles to creating a life of freedom and five different archetypes that outline the strengths and personalities of the genetically unemployable.  She uses these 10 combined principles and connecting patterns as the foundation to guiding attendees to their ‘ah-ha’ moment making for an action oriented keynote presentation or workshop.

Emily leach has a unique and humorous interactive style of speaking that holds attention of the audience. Book Emily now for a high impact Inspirational Speaker and Motivational Speaker session!

Entrepreneurial Achievements

  • Professional Public Speaker on Entrepreneurial Motivation
  • Founder of Genetically Unemployable™
  • Professional Public Speaker on Search Engine Marketing (currently retired)
  • Curator and Organizer of the independently organized TEDx event in Albuquerque, NM, (TEDxABQ) and Corpus Christi, TX (TEDxCorpusChristi)
  • Founding Board Member of the National Speaker’s Association New Mexico Chapter
  • Board member for Women In Communications Albuquerque Chapter, 2010
  • Founder and facilitator of the original Phoenix area SEO Meetup group
  • Founder and facilitator of the SEO Strategy Group
  • Founder of the Search Engine Academy Southwest
  • Accomplished Toastmaster
  • Trained Business Coach