With a name like White Bay, this southern Jost Van Dyke special is a bright and buzzing little place that boasts breathtaking views, iconic beach bars, and some of the softest sands you could ever wish for. A curve of bone white sand meets warm teal seas. Yachts glisten on the horizon and a velvet canopy of green coats the rippling hills behind. Drop anchor, swim to shore, and order the famous Painkiller cocktail to kickstart your day on White Bay. The beach here is popular with yachters and there’s always a lively buzz. You can socialize, dine, sip on fruity rum treats, and partake in the party atmosphere. For those who need a break from the wild action, there’s always a stroll down the sands, a snorkel in the shallows, and a nap on a hammock to get your strength back.